Public Health Product Forge (Day 3 - already?)

Public Health Product Forge (Day 3 - already?)

This is going to be a quick post.

I’m tired, my brain’s fried and very shortly someone will be coming upstairs to tell us it’s our turn to give our pitch.

We’ve just finished our slide deck and Gary’s rehearsing the script. It’s looking good.

We’ve been developing ideas around Gary’s original concept - to support people with early stage dementia through assistive technology, specifically the use of wearable and environmental sensors. His aim is to reach the large number of people with early stage dementia living in Scotland and enable them to live independently in their own homes, for longer, more safely and with a higher quality of life.

He’s a technical guy. Ask him about his product and he’ll give you a technical answer. His face lights up when he’s talking sensors, electronics, data gathering.

However (and I’m sure he’ll not disagree with this), he can find it difficult to communicate the value proposition around this ideas in a way that’s clear to non-technical people. Given this, we eventually came to the conclusion that clarifying the message and the business model was a productive way forward and something that he could take away from this event to help him take his business forward.

We were joined by entrepreneur Duncan McMillan yesterday who helped us knock out a good 1 minute pitch.

For me, one of my goals for the weekend was to learn something new on the technical front. Realising I wasn’t going to be in a position to do this was frustrating at first, but I quickly changed my thinking and decided to focus on helping Gary produce something that would help him take his business forward. And that definitely wasn’t going to be something technical as he obviously lived and breathed the technology.

And do you know what? I found being able to help in this way really rewarding.

Time to go. We’re being beckoned. It’s pitch time.