I’m an MSc student studying Big Data at the University of Stirling. What I know about data science could written on a postcard. A small postcard. With a large pen.

I’m a data science rookie.

I’m writing this blog to share my experience of the journey from complete data science novice through to…who knows what?

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey. In it, I hope to share what I’m learning, the questions I have, the highs and lows (hopefully there won’t be too many of these), and anything else I discover that may be of interest to someone considering entering the world of data science, or someone already in it.

Over the next year it’s my aim to learn as much as I possibly can about data science, and Big Data in particular. I learn best by doing, and I get a buzz from collaborating with creative people, so I plan on learning by doing, by applying as much of the knowledge I’m gaining in practical projects, either personal or in collaboration with others. I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by The Data Lab so I’ll have lots of opportunities to work with others over the course of the next year.

Whilst I’ve got a technical background (I studied Computer Science as an undergraduate, and worked in software development for nine years), for the past thirteen years I’ve been a primary school teacher. A huge amount of what I’ll be learning will completely new to me, and I’ll be learning at a much higher level than I’ve been used to. Being a primary school teacher has its own challenges, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, but they’re not intellectual challenges.

So is the next year going to be challenging?


And is the next year going to be interesting?